You'll Always Be Mine!


You sleep with your specs aside,

tryin' to keep thoughts of your tiff beside...

A brow cringes as you weep,

cos your mind isn't letting it sweep;

the thoughts...

of the early sweet meets, 

and your shy tweets.

of your early fights,

and the patch up "No, you're right's !"

are running in your mind;

But soon, you put it behind...

Maybe wondering,

You never should have thought about him...

Maybe wondering,

Where it went wrong;

You know, your mind's going for a whim...

"Forget him", says your brain, 

but your heart lets it drain.

 You recall... 

the last time, you smiled on him when his face was funnily grim,

the last time, he held your hand and it made your hair stand,

the last time, he took you for the scary movie night and you clenched him tight

and the last time, you traced his lips and let him feel your finger tips!

There's a quenching smile, a slow agile...

as you sit up by the window side and look at the retreating tide...

The hurt feelings are being washed away as you begin another day...

and say "You'll always be mine", come what may! 

I've never been able to forget you 

even though the number of times you've hurt me... are not few! 


The End

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