You've Left Me...

You've Left Me...

... so lonely,

     that even tears don't come to be with me, 

     when I wanna cry!

... so sad, 

     that I don't even know

     why I'm feeling bad!

... so lost,

     that even my eyes fail to find a way,

     when I wanna reach you!

... so crippled,

      that I don't even know 

      why I fiddle to get back on the path!

... so frustrated,

     that even anger doesn't come my way,

    when I wanna forget you!

... so sore,

     that I don't even know

     my heart's being killed to the core!

Oh! ... You've left me ...

So Incomplete...

that even my own soul,

betrays me...

to be lost in YOU...

forever and ever!! 


~for the guy who left me ...

so blind, that I can't even see

anyone else beside "he and me" ! 

The End

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