From Start to Finish, I'll Always Love You

I remembered the things that you said to me,
the things that will never let me be,
because the peace inside me has been disturbed,
as well as the cry that was left unheard.

I waited for you every second each day,
hoping to fine the truth black or gray,
but recently I've found out that there's no chance at all,
for us to ever reunite on this earthly ball.

So now I stand by the ocean sea,
were silence and sorrow can flow through me,
with the memories that were etched into my heart,
when you swore from me you would never depart.


Five years have gone by since that day we met,
and now I know that my heart is set,
with another man I stand before,
like earth's center, it's deathly core.

Though people say that time can heal,
It seems that I always kneel,
before the mighty power it holds with hands,
because there's no need to come up with any type of plan,
to escape from what you've done to me,
I will never be able to rest in peace.


So now I write this poem, from me to you,
because I lay in my grave with not even a clue,
that you never wanted to come close to hurting me,
and that thought alone would have set my heart free,
but for now it remains restless and caught,
but when all the things that you forgot,
come back to life as we look them through,
I'll now that you're love for me... was really true.


~to the guy that never really loved me~
~I hope that you liked it. :) I put my heart into this. Rate as you please~

The End

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