It has been said before,

And will be said today and forever after,

Love comes and goes,

And that is true.


It may be bright and colorful,

Budding and growing,

New and young,

Fresh and undeniably rejuvenating,

For some it may be spring in their eyes.


To the younglings and the old folk,

It may be a happy moment in their lives,

Bright and warm,

Blissful and irresistibly tempting,

Joyful  hours, days, and weeks,

But it comes to an end,

For some too quickly, for others to slowly,

But summer loves never last for everyone,

And only for the ones meant to be.


Like life, there will be times of sorrow,

Pain and near-hatred,

Mournful memories to ponder,

Cold, but hurtful,

Sometimes lively, other times half-dead,

Those who are weak and unloving will not survive,

It will be their fall.


Unlike the others,

Some may face a colder, harsher time,

When the brave and bold cower away,

May it be in fear and disappear,

But you will seek warmth from the other,

Warmth may be comfort to you,

But do not think you will live through it,

For it is winter,

And it may be colder than you realize.


The cycle begins again,

It always does.

The End

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