Like A Thorn

It hurts when you touch me,

It hurts even more when you're around,

He kicks,

I scream,

You run away,

I don't chase you.


You say you care,

But I know it's a lie,

You say you love me,

Another lie,

You say you'll protect me,

I don't need protection,

It's like a thorn in my finger.

You want to pull it out,

But the thorn is you.


You and he fight each other,

I cower away,

You both try to win me,

Do I look like a prize?


You both want to love me,

I only want one,

You try to take out the thorn,

He wins,

You lose,

I love him,

You love me,

It's a lot like a thorn.


The End

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