How did you do it, my love?

How does it feel

to hold my heart? 

To have all control over what I do. 

How does it feel

to be in my mind

All of my thoughts revolve around you.

How do you do it,

my sweet love?

How do you make butterflies appear?

How do you make me,

love you more?

Every time that you get too near?

How do you do it, 

my kind love?

How do you sneak into my night dreams?

How don't you realise,

how I feel?

How my whole heart's ripped at the seams.




Why did you go,

my only love?

Why did you throw my heart on the floor?

Why did you do it?

crush it in your hand. 

Didn't you realise you hurt me more?

Well you go then, love

and do what you care

Don't think about how I am now dead.

I'll be okay,

my darling love,

It's because you love her more, you said.

I won't bother,

you any more.

I am not going to be your pest.

You were my hope, 

my last chance

But you only broke it, like the rest...

The End

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