You Are All Of This To Me

(A/N: Dedicated to a special love)

You Are All Of This To Me

You are the thought that starts each morning,

The thought that leads on through the day,

The thought that makes me happy,

No matter what people say.


You are the smile that lights my face,

The smile that lives on through my memories,

The smile that never disappears,

Even if worse things do happen.


You are the warmth inside my heart,

The forever glowing fire,

The fire that brings a feeling,

Of happiness inside my life.


You’re my funny, lovable,

Silly, and honest guy,

You’re always there to hug me tightly,

When I cry.


You are a true friend,

You are a pure love,

You are a dream come true,

You are a tingle in my soul,

You are all I need,

You are all I’ve ever wanted,

You are all of this to me.

The End

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