What Little Of Me Remains

It's about realising what you were searching for, you had all along

Anger, streaming from me into the sea

Pouring outwards, I'm wondering where to go

I had it all, and together we decided to dismantle

Followed by anger I could never handle


I stand alone, and the nights just make me angry

Cast out by uncaring friends, and the rest will search in vain

These darker days coming, I returned instantly to love

I found myself wishing for you 


So I keep my heart and eyes open

The tears stream, barely able to cope

The fires roaring and just as quickly fade

A loss of faith, followed by returning hope


Love, it seems our day will soon arrive

I grieved with friends for something long lost

The death of love, like a corpse left to rot

But in a drunken haze, instantly I cleared my mind

And found what it was I was trying to find


Can I come home tonight

I only wish to return to you

Can I return home soon

I'm losing what little is left of me without you

The End

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