fury of the tongue

We are but bastards to the human condition that using tongues given for thought to lick juices left in the rind of recycled ideas.

El lenguaje que nos define perseguir

and let the language we take up defines us.

ať mi ji definovat.

We are amongst the lost who falling at the feet of mercy tongue-tied, slaughter their own humanity.

Yo soy el pulso que sangra la vida, soy la palabra.

Our words the beat, a heart breathless to bleed, and blood lost to speak. We are as much the languages we learn as human to speak them, we lose our breath to easily we lose oursleves.  

Kolik řečí znáš, tolikrát jsi člověkem.

We are but those bastards of learning, thinking, finding life through knowing. Those juices we suck through words shrouded,  lips curled and teeth drawn, the blood of past, we are lost.

Let language define me and let your tongue so it might ignite to the fury of language a fire so hot it may burn onto itself.

The End

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