What It Feels Like

How feeling some-bodies skin against your own, a gentle kiss at the moment of complete loss, a swell of emotion. How odorous sweat and the wanting sound of quiet whispers on pillows can leave you weak, needing.

-Les coeurs ouverts peuvent saigner de jus doux-

Open hearts bleed sweet juices, open to the pain, the love, the acceptance, the loss, the together, the torn apart, all together torn apart.

-Le sentiment d'un corps contre votre propre-

How feeling a body, some skin against your own, a moments gentle kiss hiding complete emotions swell, heat-anger-regret, loss. How whispers on pillows need odorous sounds of quiet, leave weak, wanting.

Open to the pain of loss and regret.

- Ouvert à la douleur de perte et de regret.-

The End

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