What is my purpose?

As I look around me

I see the dark shadows cascading over me,

Devouring me

As I look up into the dark blue sky

Fading off into the distance

The night time consumes me

Fills me,

With security

Tonight is just like any other night

As I walk down this gravel road

Dogs barking

Cars passing

And I

I just look up into the beautiful night sky

Looking at gods wonderful creations

And whisper

What is my purpose?

Why am I here?

Who am I?

No one answers

But I am certain

He’s there

My journey just isn’t ready

For me to take on

But do you know how scary it is

To wake up in the morning and think

What am I doing with my life?

How do I get through this day?

Not knowing what to strive for

I’m only 17

Responsibility is coming

But my recklessness is still here

Being 17 isn’t that easy

Because part of me wants to know my path

My plan that god has for me

But what if I’m not ready

What if I can’t handle what he wants me to do?

But even through nights like these

I wake up in the morning

Look up at the bright blue skies

With a smile on my face

And ask God

What is my purpose?

The End

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