What Is More Than Everything?

Everything about you makes me angry at love,

So there must be more than everything--

Or it would be easy to stop loving you.

Yet, how can I stay away?

You've become a drug to me;

I hate everything you're doing to me...

Everything but something--

That something that is more than everything--

Something that I can't put my finger on,

Regardless, I'm addicted.

My love for you is irrational,

The way that it hurts--

For you not to be there--

It's unnatural.

I  shouldn't miss you.

You are no more than a quick fix;

You'll satisfy me for no good reason,

Give me a short buzz maybe,

And then you'll leave--

With nothing to say,

That's when I'll crash.

That's when I'll need you the most.

That's when you are nowhere to be found.

The End

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