What is Love?

Love. What is love? 

Expensive wedding proposals that are supposed to constitute that a couple will be together forever? (Maybe 10 years?)

Is it that good feeling that we are in the company of someone cherished?

Is love overrated?

Is it tossed around so much that the meaning of the word is totally diluted?


Why do I want to die before my partner?

Do I want to see him in pain rather than me?

Is it love? 


Why do we grieve?

Are we grieving for the person? Or for us?


Is that even a legitimate answer?

Mmm.. No. 

Is love Christ?


Is it simple?


Why is he love? Is it because he tolerates our faults or shortcomings? Is it because, regardless of our faults, we can be with those we care about in heaven by calling on his name? Then how does he demonstrate this love? What is the precedent of love?

Stop asking so many questions and read the New testament.

The End

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