What is it to be authenticMature

Everything they say is true

Yet she till gives him her all

Mind, body, & soul

She knows its not right

But in that moment it feels so damn good

He kisses her from her forehead down to her feet

Gazing into her eyes with pure lust

She knows it will only last one night 

But better to have given one night

Then to have not given at all, right

With each thrust she falls deeper into his spell

Closer to that one thing she promised herself she would never be

When her father cheated on her mother

She swore she would never love a man

She never knew this man might come along

She denies it in her head

Saying he's just a quick fuck

But her eyes cant lie

She's alone again

She cant stop thinking of his kiss 

So tender yet so strong

She thinks of how he looked at her

As he studied every stretch mark

Every scar

Every spot on her bare skin

While she wanted to hide

He took her in 

Wrapped her up

Made her feel whole again

She knows its just a facade

but it seems so authentic

Tell ME if his loves' authentic

I mean tell HER if his love's authentic

Tell US what it is to even be authentic

I don't know anymore

The blurred lines between lust and love are so unclear

One step in the wrong direction 

And we will plummet into one or another extreme

I know what they say is true

But it still gave him my all

Mind, body, and soul

The End

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