Does your skin whisper syllables?

poets - are we talking
full-time ones or those who
pick this up as a hobby?

because there's a difference.

some of us, we're breathing this.
our blood runs with letters,
our heartbeat embedded with words,
our breath is stained with stanzas.
we are nothing but our writing. 
our poems, they are memories,
they are creations of our minds,
we are poets, that is our title.

and then there are others,
no less of a poet than those
who live off of this stuff,
and they occasionally type out
a few verses, their fingers
are for other uses too.

so, you ask, what is a poet?

well, i don't quite know.
some of us, our poems are 
split seconds, they are 
fast and quick and witty.
and some others, well, they
are long and eloquent and pretty.

we're different - 
it's the way this works. 

The End

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