What is a poem?

A poem on poems...how imaginative!

A poem.


What makes up a poem?

Sweet little words in a rhyme

Dancing in swirls on your behind

Or around and around and around  in your mind?


Or is it meaningless jumble?

Like Jabberwocky by Carrol?

Although some can recite it

Without any peril!


Of BIG WORDS or little words

Aligned in a shape

To look like a rhinocerous, a tire, or gate.


A poem can be things that you think up at home

Or alone

Or maybe with a couple friends

At your home?






What is a poem?

There is no definition

To something as confusing

Or amusing

Like words on a mission


Something as boring as a bird on a tree

Can have a imaginative and complicated

Whole life story


Turn the pages

Explore a book

And maybe you can see too

That poetry is not as boring

As what you thought

 when you first looked


Use your eyes and your mind

And ...

Rhyme on a paper,

Make that lined.

The End

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