What Is A Broken Heart?

I never really thought,
That I would experience a broken heart.
All those times I teased the thought,
Of a crack spreading through an organ mean't simply for blood.
But of course, I didn't understand,
I'd never felt love,
And never felt abandon,
I'd spoken too soon.
Once I thought that I was strong,
Bravery was my middle name.
Emotions were a weakness,
And nothing that I had.
I felt even stronger on the day,
When my body glowed inside,
When I looked across the room,
At you, at you my love.
And I felt that one emotion,
The one beside the laughs.
The happiness and the giggles,
The one I thought wouldn't belong to me,
An emotion that only pricked me,
When I found a figure who made me smile,
And laugh and leap,
And yell and cheer,
On the inside as well as out.
It was love.
It made my chest feel thick,
And I wasn't sure why.
It made my laughter a little spicier,
And my smile a little sharper.
Then you, you my love,
You're eye was on how to tear away this new thing,
To break me down like a wall,
To watch me crumble, disappear,
Watch me become nothing.
You held that emotion inside your palms,
Like butter, you melted my gold,
I finally understood the term,
A broken heart.
What is a broken heart?
It's where your chest is thick,
You don't know why,
Your laugh is spicey,
And your smile is sharp,
But the emotion that gave you that has been torn,
Out of your chest,
And that feeling is just a mask,
To hide how your heart truely feels,
As it cracks.

The End

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