What if I was real with you?Mature

Slip the noose around my neck

I've woven it myself

With every smile


"I'm doing fine."

When my insides threaten to tear apart

And I'm sunshine-y me that you expect

I'm not sure if you

Expect me to do what I do

If I was ever truthful

You'd know that sometimes

I don't want to hear about how

your parents are being



What's inside me

Is what's


to me.

I don't know if you could understand

That I can love you to death

But I can't stand to be around you

Because you can't take a breath

Pouring out frustrations

Till I want to scream


Let out the tension

That threatens to take my very life

Using my




I need you to hug me

Pin my arms to my sides

So I can't move

Held to earth

To life

And when I try to pull away

Pull me in tighter

Refuse to let me go


Would you really though

Would you care if the gun to my head

Went off

And I was gone

Would you only miss me

Because who else listens

And doesn't judge you


No one but me

I let out the frustration

At the keyboard

Writing poems that no one sees

The Deep Focus playlist

from Spotify


Into my ears

Because it's sad

And it always fits my mood.

I smile

and I wonder

What if I was real with you?

The End

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