What If

Just two friends talking about something that may or may not happen in the future.

What if you found the one?

Then I’ll be in so much fun. 


What if he doesn’t like your friends?

Then I’ll ask him to bend.


What if he’s a bore?

Then I’ll make him do so much more.


What if he doesn’t remember an important date?

Then I’ll say ‘It’s okay, mate’.


What if he hates the things you like?

Then I’ll make it up to him by buying him Nikes!


What if someone made you cry?

Then I’ll make sure he doesn’t pass me by.


What if he lets you cry into him?

Then I’ll do it, and ask him to kick whoever made me cry in the shin.


What if he loves you for what you are?

Then I’ll buy him a car!


What if he takes you on a boat?

   Then I’ll pack my coat.


What if he wants to marry you?

Then I’ll do whatever he wants me to do!


What if you had a child?

Then I’ll be much more wild.


What if the child grows?

Then I’ll take whatever goes.


What if you die together?

Then I’ll feel so much better.


What if you find the one?

Then I’ll be in so much fun.   

The End

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