What If?

Your eyes are black and desperate

There is memory and misery

In your beautiful, mocking smile

I am drawn to your emanating emptiness

My passion longs to fill you

All my soul is desperate for you

There is comfort in my arms for you

Your agony makes my fingers itch for you

I open my lungs and scream for you

I weep for you

Into my own bottomless pit

Fill me!

Fill me!

Give me your pain and let me weep

Let my fingers run over your skin

My blood runs hot for you

What if I made the sun dawn?

What if I could hold your hand?

With your fingers clasped in mine

I think I could make it

What if in a field of flowers

I lay with you ‘neath the morning stars?

I could find that place inside you

Where you hide all your tears

And I would cry them for you.

The End

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