What If?Mature

Something I wrote awhile back when I discovered that one of my friends was being cheated on - this was my attempt to get inside the mind of a cheater and try to understand how someone could bring themselves to do something so terrible to a person they claimed to love.

What if you were not you, and I was not me?
What if for one night, we were completely free?
Exempt from all morals and decency? 

What if you were not bound to another?
Would we in fact discover

That there is something between us?
A spark we have been too afraid to discuss? 

And what if, in such liberated freedom,
We find that rarest of gifts?
That which is both beautiful and ruinous, joyful and solemn
I speak of course of love, and of the hearts it lifts 

What if one night became a lifetime?
And this fantasy our reality
It would make for a bitter-sweet rhyme
But would it be the downfall of you and me?
Could we survive the crime? 

When deceit is employed
Friendships are destroyed
Lives are ruined
Hopes and dreams are binned 

I reflect upon our lust
As I feel I must
Can we really betray
A lifelong trust?
I realize that I cannot go through with it
I cannot be the man you want me to be
Or the monster you desire to see 
I would rather fall, to fade away from all thought and memory

Than become something I would despise
A beast with evil in my heart
And treachery in my eyes 

I know it is wrong to covet
And although these thoughts consume me
I know that I will find the strength to rise above it 

Instead I will wilt
I shall wither and die
Please allow me to fall to ash and silt
And wash away in the tears you cry 

Be good
Stay strong
Please let this be
My farewell song.

The End

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