What I'd Give


What I’d give to be lost and never found,

To leave the world behind without loss of life,

To never think of my torment again,

Through the hands of you.


What’d I’d give to lose my mind,

To leave it somewhere alone and quiet,

To never allow it control again,

To think another thought of you.


What I’d give to lose my speech,

To be without the verbal abuse we flung at each other,

To never be drawn into your battle of words,

To never say I love you again.


What I’d give to loose these fists,

Full of anger and rage,

And pain and despair,

 The fist that pounded against your chest that night,


What I’d give to lose this face,

The one you saw break into tears,

And smile,

And laugh with you.


What I’d give to lose these eyes,

That showed my pain that I tried to hide from you,

That saw you there,

With her.

The End

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