What I Would Want Last

I walk through these weeps

I maneuver in-between their long draping leaves

As they brush against me guided by the wind

I see the full moon but on the surface of the shifting pond

I kneel to observe it's beauty

Have I ever seen such a beautiful night?

I hadn't until now

No other night will be even more beautiful, it is the finest of nights

The trunks and bodies of these weeps are silky smooth

The tears that I ploy through are fuzzy soft

They are dotted with the deep yellow of little lively lights

I breathe in the moist air

Taking in the whiff of the outdoors

Having the warmness hug me

Makes me feel like I am welcomed home

Oh, how I'll miss this greatly

This night I get to experience this sensation

This is the night I will hold on to most because,

This is the night I forget I am sick

The End

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