What I See Now

Every family movie,

Every photo album and picture I made

Looking back on the past

I'd do anything to go back to the place where it all started

Every memory I have of walking out that door

I want to let go because of the pain,

Yet not because it also had some of the life-changing  times

So hard to stay

Too hard to leave it

I don't want to miss the places

I don't want to not see these faces

My mother and I crying and laughing

My father and I laughing and arguing

My brother and I fighting and supporting

My eyes get blurry just writing about it

All my friends who I hung out with every weekend

The one who knew everything about everything about me

That boy I fell in love with

Now it's all going to be separated

Prying my heart more open with each tear I cry

I don't want to say "goodbye"

But it's not a "See ya later"

My pursuit of happiness involves me leaving everything

I want to live my dream but be with my friends I lived with

I'm not going to mess up their dreams and strives for their happiness

And maybe one day down that road I'll look back and say:

"Hello" again to everyone I left behind

You don't know what you have until you lose it

I feel as thought I've already lost it all

The End

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