What I See

 I see Laughter

I see Kindness

I see people being honest.

I also see people starving

People hoping and wishing

Some day they will wake

And it will be brighter than other days

I also see mothers and fathers

loving the sons and daughters

Living in a house worth a million dollars

I see a family, big and large

in a house made of sticks and logs

Knowing their okay for right now

cause their house hasn't quite fallen down

I see the Earth as a nice place

for now at least

the garden and plants outback

make it a beautiful place to relax

I also see it as a horrible place

In some years, there won't be a trace

Of trees or plants or even crates

Everything will be plastic and very boring

There will be no more grass

we will be living in giant cities, no longer houses

and we will always be controlled always moitored

to make sure were positive

Now you may see the earth today

But can you see it 50 years in the present?


The End

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