What I needed to let go


Eyes look your last

As you say the final goodbyes

It hurts, as you hug me in a last embrace

And leave to fend all by myself


The world was cruel, not accepting at all.

The seasons came: Summer, Winter and Fall

My thoughts were yours, it never left

Just you


If you loved me, and you said you did, you should have stayed.

Still you left me here to wither away.

What we had was sweet, and oh so nice

I can't believe it’s over. A distant memory.


As God's miracle happens, I moved on

Though I look at you with longing eyes.

They way you move set my passion for you burning.

It leaves me crazy.


I want you now more than ever

Believe me, I'll love you forever.

You were so great I had the best

Then you were gone, just like the rest


My love is still burning away

But it will burn itself out one day

I don't believe that it would happen

Because first love never dies


Yes you were my first love

And my last

I don't want to love again

But, you say that I have to

To ease the pain

I'll do it for you, but not ever again.




The End

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