At the tender age of five...

This is what I learned today,

Now that I am five

that Mommy's loves me just as much

now that my little brother has arrived

He yells alot and cries alot

and sometimes sure does stink

but when he puked on Daddy

it was real funny I think

Mommy lets me hold him

when he's nice and asleep

but if I draw a mustache again

I'll be in trouble deep.

My teacher said he's oh so cute

when I brought pictures to show& tell

I told her that if he thought so,

he should really hear him yell

Oh! I have a different teacher now

his name is Mr Frieze.

I wonder why his Mommy named him

after a frozen treat

Mrs. Obermorey is still down the hall,

and even though I'm not in her class

she has a hug for all.

I learned alot this year,

like how to write my name. 

I also learned which words rhyme,

and  how to count to ten

I also learned to tickle Elmo, and

that Dora and Diego are my friends!

I have alot of toys to play with

but my favourite is a cardboard box

I use it as a spaceship and a race car

and I think it just ROCKS!

I learned that Xmas time means presents

and Santa is not so scary.

He's just a fat man with a beard,

and milk and cookies make him merry

I also learned he watches over me

and that he knows all my tricks!

I can't wait to find out what he brings me

next year when I turn six!

The End

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