Here I am at Six

  Now that I am older, and grown a little more
There are so many things I’m not allowed to do.
Like hiding on my mother
Or not including my little brother.

 That none of my toys are safe,
When clenched in his small hands
He’ll bite the heads off soldiers
Or lose them in the sand.

 That when your two and yell a lot
You can get whatever you want
But if your six and do the same,
It’s not a skill that you should flaunt.

 I’ve learned that school is different too,
Now I get a desk!
That girl’s are kind of silly
And my jokes are the best.

 I’ve learned to beat my daddy
Whenever we will play
That he’s not so great at sports
But he smiles anyway.

 I’ve learned to help out mommy
When I see she needs a hand
But it always seems in the end,
More work than she’d first planned.

 I’m learning how to read and write
And what will get me all gold stars
That if I do really good in school
I get some brand new cars!

 I know that night time is the same
Just as it ever was
I brush my teeth and get a story
And it’s the best time for my hugs.

 I know that when she thinks I’m sleeping
My mom will sometimes whisper
That I can’t grow up so fast
I’m not yet ready to be a ‘mister’

 I’m not too sure what she means
And it’s a long time from here to there
Before I have it figured out
I fall asleep hugging my bear.

The End

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