What I learned today

just for fun...

Here’s what I learned today, at the tender age of three

I learned that if my nose stays snotty, my aunty will not kiss me

 And I learned that if I turn off hockey, my daddy will chase me

And that if I giggle cutely,  my mommy can’t stay mad

And sometimes though she tells me NO!

If I’m quiet for five minutes, some fun can be had

I learned that when I get real messy,

My Mom gets mad at Dad.

But if my Dad isn't home to blame,  she seems to think it’s cute.

(she goes to grab the camera,  and calls me Trouble to boot)

I learned that if my sissy wants her book back

It’s best just to let her.

And I learned that if I hurt my knee

It will always get kissed better

I learned that Mom and Dad love me

even when I’m  naughty.

They love me even more now

‘cuz I can go potty!

I think I learned alot today, tomorrow I’ll learn more

Just imagine what I’ll know next year

At the tender age of FOUR!

The End

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