What happened to us?Mature

An old piece I dug up. It was an assignment for my theatre class; to perform spoken word. This was while my first heartbreak was still fresh.


What happened to us?

You made me trust you. 

You made me trust you even though I didn't want to

Because I've been hurt enough to know how this ends,

But I fell anyway.

I fell too hard. 

Because who knew that you could add to my scars?

Well, it's too bad that you did.

How could I have been so stupid?

I thought you were perfect but you're just like them.

What happened to us?

I never thought you would be the one to hurt me.

You took control of my soul because I gave it to you, 

Because after all we've been through,

I never thought you would be the one to hurt me.

You were my everything.

I cared about you, I stayed strong so that you didn't have to

and now I'm nothing.

Nothing but an over-dramatic girl, "Too serious". Too in love.

Well I guess you forgot I was your world.

You are such a hypocrite, You're treating me like shit

When everything you say I am,

You have always been, but I put up with it

Because I loved you.

Or, I loved the person I thought I knew.

What happened to us? 

To the love we shared?

Please, if I can't have it back, 

I don't want it to have ever been there,

I don't want to have to remember it.

I don't want to have to miss it.

I am numb

From all the hits I've taken

From everyone I've ever trusted and I can't take it.

I would say thank you for loving me,

Oh, but no, thank you for acting. 

Thanks for making me believe.

I thought you said you weren't a quitter, but you quit on me

and now I'm on my knees,

and I am crying myself to sleep

and you don't even acknowledge me.

Here I am again.

Just a toy used for affection.

I thought you were the cure but I realized you were my infection 

What the fuck happened to us?

The End

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