Is this really pessimism?Mature

"On board flight number 195 from Forli to Stansted, the seatbelt lights re-illuminate - a prediction of turbulence. After a short pause the almost instant dismissal of illumination suggests the prediction was a misjudged one."

I try my best to avoid referring to the 'nature-nurture' debate when there is always a conscious decision to do otherwise available, but there must be a reason behind this. If an individual has witnessed deceit then surely they are more likely to deceive than he who has only experienced truthfulness. The counter-argument being that if an individual has been scorn by lies then their consciousness should be opposed to recreating such experiences. It is whether or not past experience seeps deep into our subconscious and our moral tissue. If, maybe, what we experience when we are younger becomes an unavoidable framework of our behaviour -something we cannot merely make a conscious decision to avoid, but instead we must (using psychological help) journey into the subconscious and remove from our heritage. If this is so, we face the terrifying truth that all we have witnessed  has an underlying impact upon every decision we make without us ever being conscious enough to decide against it...

...Meanwhile, the turtle crawls onto his back in the burning sun, for he has seen enough.

The End

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