I suppose we just have to learn to laughMature

The Writer’s Rush:

Almost, a distraction.


Do people honestly

believe that sex

during the temperamental

period of your partner’s


is questionable?


That coming into pleasurable contact

with a substance that is present

in all of us

is some how ‘BLEUURGHHH!’


It is not as if

you have to eat it,

but I suppose if you choose to

it is none of my business


~ Are you having a good time

over there with your face dripping

the blood of Christ.

(note I don’t use a capital letter)

Well of course you are.

(also note that the creators of Microsoft word:

An organisation that I imagine is rather

either under the thumb

or in agreement

with the American Government

will not allow me to type

the word Christ

without a capital letter.)

Having a good time

and hurting no one.

For that I have to

applaud you, but

I won’t be joining





I detract from my point,

which is easy to do

when you think.

-The more you do it

the faster it gets:

Creation becomes

a necessity

and you




If you are scanning this,

I’m probably safe

to suggest that you know where

I’m going:

It’s not difficult stuff.

But, if by chance

you are failing to

catch even the mildest sense of

direction of which this

now seemingly pretentious

speech is heading

then I at least have to

thank you

for giving it a go.



And for the record

every man who likes

to insert a finger

into his partner’s

anus wants it as well,

but usually a little

gentler or not so

much of it.


Any man who doesn’t

is either homophobic,

feels proud because the don’t drink

or loves their country.






The End

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