What Feelings Have Become

Have you ever felt like you're all alone?
Even lifeless shadows receive more attention
And the people you'd think would care the most
Just don't have time for you any more?
Well that's my life.
I wake up feeling like another day will go by
where no one notices me
where no one will ask if I'm fine
where not a single soul will care whether I died in my sleep
Just another day to waste
Achieving nothing, not even a simple smile
I used to cry myself to sleep
That was before I realised I'm all alone
And tears need not be wasted
If caring has gone sour
I see the people I used to know
Living their lives, forgetful of our old friendships
Of the summers we spent together
And the long nights talking of love and happiness
And hopes and dreams, and all the things that secretly don't exist
And now horrors replace them
People I hate and I loathe and I wish would leave my life to rot in peace 
I'm self concious, but what's the point, when no one sees?
I'm cold again, in this empty house, full of life.
I love you, but I'm forgotten
You enjoy your life, and I'll watch mine disappear
I'll fade away, as I always have done.


The End

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