What do you...?

Improvise visual writing :)

I hear a man scream out, he seems to be hurting. And now a detective speaking about the events. 
The telephone rings and words are exchanged. It sounds concerned.
There's a poor broken horse sitting right near me, it's leg has been hurt and needs fixing.
I see a piece of paper with lots of words, words to someone to whom I owe work.
Two lonely vases, found without their flowers, they look longingly at me and wonder whats wrong.
I see an untouched light, a quiet light, that can't show in the darkness.
I see a golden heart shining, but in so little light. It still gleams and will always gleam because it is strong and will always be.
I hear a busy street, and now a vendor. Everyone sounds worried and scared.
I see scattered pens for words unfinished, words that could never be.
Three picture frames remain dusty and untouched, their beautiful pictures unseen for a while.

And suddenly, all that I happen to see, is just the world looking back at me.
I am here, I am now, all that was lost then, was found.
These things that around me I see and hear, everything now is very clear.
It's not about what we hear, think or see, its about YOUR life, you and me. 


The End

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