what do i know?

i just don't know anymore

things feel different

more intense,less casual

things are strange

not uncomfortable, but less easy

i'm not forceing anything

everything you see right now IS me

but i think things are beginning to take a turn in a different direction

this wasn't planned i just need easy

i don't want complicated

i can't handle complicated

this just shows how much i thought this through

it shows just how much i know

how much i think i know

but i'm not saying to leave, please don't

this is just a side note,

it doesn't change much

or does it

 i really don't know

things seem to stay colse to the same for you

sometimes i really hate that

but right now i'm trying so hard to figure things

figure what ever this is out

if it's even anything

and you see that's the thing

it might be nothing

 so why am i so worried? scared? nervous?

but what do i know?

The End

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