What controls All

True facts of Life.. a short poem.

Your  Gods

Your politics

Your Dreams.

Your fears.

Without the Sun


What keeps everything alive

Your Gods?

I dont think  so!

The Sun give life to every thing

I want to finish Here

But I was told there was not enough words

In what I had wrote so far

So what comes next does not mean alot

Has im just filling space.

But im sure I have wrote far fewer words before

maybe I made a mistake

It says I need 140 words

but my poem was only short

Now it dont make sense at all

its time I should about

But opnly 39 words left to do

No its thirty one

wait its gone to twenty five

No just twenty one

Now im down to fifteen..or or or or or or? is it nine

six and I am done


The End

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