What Comes Of Dreams

No, I will dare to dream above

Oh why so many dreams bestowed

In young and tender year

Fall into drifting dust decay 

Then sadly disappear


Are dreams to blame for broken hearts

And quiet hour’s remorse

Or is the dreamer born of guilt

For veering from its course


Are dreams unfair for rising up

To skies in gloried hue

Perhaps they take no time for thought

And ask too much to do


But would a dream be such a thing

If every hand could reach

What treasure would it bring to bare

What lesson would it teach


N’ere let my soul be daunted down

To stand amongst the crowd

And watch with idle faithless feet

While mundane cares enshroud


No, I will dare to dream above

Midst Heaven’s brilliant streams

And quiet vigil watch and keep

Til come…what comes of dreams

The End

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