What Can I Do?

Whilst they're in a ruby crush against the ivory stain of a flag against a sky,
we abstain from real answers, rely on palm readers and horoscopes that
have got it all wrong. Our coca-cola diets highlight this gossamer promise
of freedom (when truly it's a sickening treason).

Our own consumerist values are clearly clouded by the
anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, exfoliating, pock-mark free promise of beauty;
the star studded sash of miss "wherever" printed in glossy folds of origami amazon.

I never listen to the news, but I hear the gunshots louder than them.
They're too bust pressing their vast telescopes into empty vaults
of electric numbers. No doubt cashing in on what benefits they can.

So what can I do?
Whilst I stand and speak some pretty words,
Our promises are broken elsewhere
Our promises are broken in our homes
in our cities and in our streets.

We call out these gun metal diamonds,
loading their ending kiss into RPGs at the
odious wish of a mentalist.
So we witness this ruby crush against the ivory
stain of surrender.

and how long do we wonder
about their freedom, their beauty, their promise? 

The End

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