What beauty lies within

It's a poem of dual nature. To me, it stands to be a metaphor for loved ones and memories of them. It could also be a plain description of a flower. But where's the fun in that?

I watched a flower gently bloom,
Its petals wake and its scent fume,
The colors, once hiding, revealed themselves,
To the sky, the clouds and the world itself

For days to months it blossomed and bloomed,
A sight to erase all my gloom,
Its scent made the air so sweet
Many creatures, big and small, it got the pleasure to meet

And as it ages day by day,
Its color begins to fade away,
Its pretty petals once awake,
Begin to just wither away

As I walked into the garden today,
A brown withered twig I see in its place,
Inspired I stood gazing at the sky,
My face showing just a hint of a smile,
The flower, In spite of its quick demise
Had made its place in my mind’s eye

The End

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