What are you?

Was looking for the answer,realized

you yourself are the answer divine..

Always heard what the world said

but heard myself in your silence divine..

Flying high in the skies of I,

touched my grounds with your embrace divine..

Transcended I the steps of truth

in the light of your soul divine

Scared of myself and my mind,

protected I am in your asylum divine..

Purity I feel in this world

in the fragrance of your chastity divine..

Sparkling is every eye I see

in the aura of your beauty divine..

Flame inside that burns so strong

was ignited by your hope divine..

Love is the essence of every entity,

my entity is your love divine..

Insipid is my existence

if I don’t deserve your existence divine..

Diffused is my existence

since drowned I am in your depths divine..

Lost was I in this treacherous world,

I found myself in your search divine..

Here I stand firm on my ground

as you are my strength divine..

What are you? Is what you asked,

journey of self to Self, you are perfect perfection of perfect divine..

The End

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