What am I to do

even if i have been knocked down and spit on by those who once claimed the title of friend in the past, i will not stay down i am seeing that those who cannot see a friend in crisis and help them but instead run from them and this kinda sums it up

As I sit here trying to build the time that I once lost I look to the sky
And I grow a little more as I see those that left me behind I ask myself why
But I can no longer hear the words from my mouth for I am silenced by the tears that fall
the past is lost, the future is only a reminder of the mistakes I continue to make after all
All I asked for is for people to understand the pain that goes through my head hurts me the most even if I'm the only one that can see
Forsaken by the time I can no longer get back all I do is lose more and more than what I have come to be
But you love the way I can express and you say I ruined my second chance and you will never forgive me and that is fine I don't need forgiveness anymore for what I have been through
But as I sit here writing the things that I feel i still ask myself the question that hits still hard and that is: What am I to do?

The End

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