What Am I?

I volunteer at my local Primary School and in English they were writing poems, describing an object as a kind of 'What Am I' poem. Can you guess what mine is? :P

I stretch out, flat as the desert
and fluffy felt body,
wrapping myself around your neck
like a cat's tail around a tree trunk
or loving arms hugging you tightly. 
Rainbow stripes tickle my spine,
reds and yellows and greens weaving
between blues and purples and pinks.
You pull on your winter boots
and thick, woollen gloves,
heaving open the tired front door.
As we step outside, the bitter wind
bites cruelly at your face
and the glistening snow crunches
under your feet as if you are
treading gingerly on a carpet of cornflakes.
You shiver, the icy wind breathing
right through to your soul,
and you pull me tighter around your neck,
gratefully tugging your frozen cheek
into my fleecy felt,
like the skin of your oldest, most cuddled teddy bear.
Suddenly I burn with love and warmth,
elated flames dancing through my bones
as fiercely as if the whole sky is ablaze
with an ecstatic, balmy gold.
And I am glad, in this moment,
that my fluffy felt body
can gladly guard you against
the harsh cold that arrives
like the morning train
every time the summer
fades sadly into the dark, weary


The End

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