Bobbing up and down the waves,

Streamlining through the sea,

Poseidon on his hippocampus,

Sea foam lapping around his knees.

Rushing towards shore,

To another girl, with her heart broken.

She kneels on her knees,

Adding more water to the sea,

Her hair swept around her face,

By the prevailing marine winds.

"And what has happened to you,"

Says Poseidon to this dame,

"You add water to my lair,

What is the cause of your despair?

For even thought your tears are water,

Going to the God of Seas,

They carry immense sadness,

Which will always cause disease."

Said the maiden to Poseidon,

"Please, will you forgive me?

For I didn't know you would mind,

If I cried at the sea,

For my love has left me all alone,

And has taken my happiness, I find.

I loved him very dearly,

He was the one in my heart,

Now I'm devoid of any love."

"My dear girl," said Poseidon,

"What you say is not true,

You for get about the water which,

Is right before you.

Water is the giver of life,

And life will love you forever,"

Saying so, he kissed the girl,

And ended her misery.


The End

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