I Locked My True Feelings AwayMature

I never admitted my true emotions
Locked them behind my door
My love belonged to you
True, I loved the feeling of your warm arms around me in the middle of the night
Feelings I have been trying to forget
I ran, but my heart stayed back with you.

My alarm was about to go off, and I was ready to groan as I stared at the crimson numbers.  No sleep came to me last night again...all I could do was think of you...how much I missed you...bubbling into my system like the sunlight into my eyes, the agony of the hungover migraine came along.  I had been so desperate to feel something other than pain again; I hungered for human contact and thirsted for...yes, alcohol.  I ended up finding myself in a bar on the night of our anniversary.  That was the least of my mistakes, I realized exactly that when I felt a set of arms wrapping around my middle.  A glimmer of hope flickered in my heart, but I realized that it wasn't you, the arms were far too hairy, and I had left my heart with you.  The tiny glimmer was in my ribcage, not my heart.  That was impossible, as it was no longer mine.   

The End

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