We'll Never Meet Again

I was inspired while listening to the song "Loch Lomond" and I took the line "we'll never meet again" and incorporated it into my own lyrics that can be sung to the same tune as the original song, just for fun. :)

You're cast in sunlight

you face sparkles so bright,

you say "I'll miss you when I leave here."

you say "I'll return,"

but fools in love will never learn

we'll never meet again

our promises burn.

You travelled far

with your purple guitar,

you sent me a post card from far away.

It read "Babe, I wish you 

could be here right now with me."

but we'll never meet again

across this boiling sea.

You returned home

three inches you had grown,

you went searching for me in the shadows.

But you will not find me

in all the places we used to go,

we'll never meet again

in rain or snow.

For I left this cold land

in search of a new hand,

to hold me and never stray from my side.

But I'll admit 

from time to time

I pretend his lips are yours

I'm kissing so sublime.

The End

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