welcome to the wastelands

after playing nothing but fallout and borderlands I gots bored :p

As a young boy who grew up underground,

The above world seemed a little too profound.

I wondered what life was like on the surface,

But also thought of the dangers like old verses.

The day came where I decided to explore the outside ruins of the old earth,

and honestly, I can say, that the toll of the wars were all over some land and turf.

But as I gazed upon the ruins I felt eyes staring at me from a distance,

I grabbed the nearest pipe next to me and stood still, mind stuck on defense.

The ground shook and next thing I know, a bullet wizzed past my ear,

The sound made a loud ringing, and stuck my mind in fear.

I darted to the left and tried to look and see who was shooting at me and why,

but then I seen the bullet was not for me, but for a huge mutated fly.

I looked up and noticed a young person, maybe the same age as me,

Helped me up and began to check where I came from, she could not see.

she said her name was Sivia, and she looked behind her and grabbed her gun,

When I turned, i froze in fear, she only laughed and said this should be fun.

she shot several rounds that sounded like drummers in death metal bands,

she took my hand with a gleam in her eyes, this is life now, welcome to the wastelands.

The End

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