3// endings are sad because they're meant to be

did you ever think 
we'd end up this way 

because if you did you had no right to hide it from me 
this isn't living, AQ, 
this is surviving 

i can't live my life fighting a war over whether or not 
i actually want to live at all

i'm learning who i am, 
trying to fit into the world i have made for myself
and i am so terrified of the collateral 

MC isn't cause, she's side effect, 
these are issues all my own. 
they came from being alone and angry and bitter 
the taste curling unpleasantly underneath my tongue

and i don't love you, maybe, 
perhaps this is just misguided loyalty 
and familial bonds
it wouldn't surprise me 

because the one thing about you 
that i have always doubted, 
always seen as a thin, false screen 

facade of humanity

is if you really loved me at all. 

The End

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