Welcome To the Family

HEY! Kid! Can I have your attention!

I know the way you've been living, tragedy so endless

Life so reckless

Welcome to the family

There's always something missing

Not too long ago, the answers were oh-so clear

But now it's like everything around you causes you to be afraid

Why won't you listen?

You won't help the people you're missing and love

Why can't you see?

You can't win this fight!

Welcome to the family

Illegal activity, trying to be noticed

Trying so hard to get some kind of notice

And we want to have someone when our minds are so numb

Standing alone with nothing in your hands

So have you figured it out?

We all have emptiness inside, looking for answers to help us

It's all inside, when nothing is right

Losing my mind, not invited, so stepped aside

Psychotic, lost it deep inside where nothing is right

The End

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