Welcome To the Army

A random poem I would like to dedicate to the soldiersof 1 Battallion, REME.
This one's for you lads.

Welcome to the Army
Welcome to the "Grunts"
You'll learn to fight like animals
And do lots of crazy stunts.

You'll be sent to meet the Sergeant,
Then you greet the troops.
They issue you your helmet
And a pair of monkey boots.

Your kit's thrown at you next,
It smells like old, wet horse.
A shirt, jacket and cargo pants
All camoflage, of course!

You'll learn to clean a rifle,
And remember battle facts.
And carry heavy burgeons
That damn near break your backs!

You'll learn to use a Mess Tin
And cook on a petrolium fire
Right after that it's patrols,
Through mud, bog and barbed wire.

You'll paint your face with Cam Cream
And learn to be real cunning
But when the Marines appear,
It's better to just start running!

The practice fights come next,
It's then that things get hairy.
When you're ambushed at midnight,
You learn the definition of scary!

But, despite all of these dangers
And missions you may botch
It's not your evil Sergeant,
It's the Brown's Biscuits you gotta watch!


The End

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