Weirdo Mosher Freak

Taken before your time

Too young to die

Your life was on the line

No reason why

Violent prejudice wrought

Fear lead to your death

No pause for thought

You took your final breath

Two lovers walked

A path familiar

No thought for danger

No feelings peculiar

But evil walked that path as well

They stalked the pair

And the pair fell

Two lives ruined, so unfair

For looks and choices, no harm done

These two were taken

Though no one won

A culture was shaken

To fear for your life

Over looks and clothes

Is to fear the right

To be your own rose

They fear the confident

The well grounded and strong

They must be the dominant

Force on others their brawn

But they are weak

Just scared little boys

They use the word freak

They goal destroys

Sophie took pride in being unique

So for her, take pride in being a Weirdo Mosher Freak

The End

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